Focusing on what matters now

What matters now?
Whoa. Heady stuff.
That’s a question for philosophers & academics.
For chin-stroking contemplation atop a mountain.
But let’s not define it as too lofty or abstract.
It is the most practical question you can ask yourself.
And whether you realize it or not
You answer this vital question
Countless times.
Every. Single. Day.
Your answer
Dictates your action.
Marks your calendar.
Directs your energy.
Shapes your relationships.
And defines who you are.
So let’s not only have an answer.
Let’s write it down.
Let’s keep it with us.
Let’s use it to clarify.
Let’s act with purpose.
Let’s choose with conviction.
Let’s lose that question mark.

All we have to decide
is what to do with the time given us.
- Tolkien

Every idea starts with a seed. Ours was simple: What matters and why?

Beyond being inspired, we were compelled to pursue this beautiful question. It stirred us as a thought to be lived. More questions followed. Questions like: What if we lived each day like it matters? What should we be saying 'no' to? How could we do less but better?

What ensued was remarkably simple.

A time-less object centered on a renewed remembrance.

Encouraging clarity, focus, and purpose, the Matters collection redeems the value of now. It provokes a life well-lived. Through distinctive design and noble materials, each object is considerately crafted for this mission.

So whether it be to lead well, love first, serve others or stay hungry…write it down. Make it clear. For if we live life like it matters — it will.


Focusing on what matters now